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"There's this hacker going around that will post pornographic pictures to your gallery/On your page. Especially of a male's nether region's. So, If he finds that you posted this to a journal or your page he'll know you know what's going on and won't hack you. I'm posting this for your own good and I don't want my friends getting hacked either."

Heard about it from :iconstantonphl:

I don't fear hackers, if they want to try it go ahead. I don't have anything important in my account. But some people might, so I'd rather spread the word.


Author of the New Look series
United Kingdom

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Hey Shinnok, I got a question for you. Usually how long takes you to write a story?
Is this your way of telling me to hurry up?
Of course not, I don't even know if you're writing anything right now.

The thing is , I'm trying to write myself. Coming up with idea and writing it in points? Easy. Making it into actual story? Royal pain in the ass and I'm not satisfied with results anyway.
I'm asking to compare if it's normal or at least normal with few fist stories.
*sigh* I'm not. I wish I was but I'm not. I've been trying to write for a good few months now but I can't. And right now is an especially bad time for me.

To answer your question... I'm probably the worst person to ask for it. When I have the inspiration and drive to write, I can get out a short story in a single night. HOWEVER, as you can no doubt tell, my stories have been a bit lackluster lately, primarily because I try to force it. When I DO try to take maybe a few days to write, I end up with the likes of Link's New Look part 2. It took me several months to write it, and about two nights of actual work.

As such, I'm the exception rather than the rule, and you shouldn't follow my example. Even the stories I've been praised for, like Sonic's New Look or Link's New Look, I guarantee you, would be over a hundred times better if I could actually focus and take my time with my writing. And I hate how I can't do it.
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stantonphl Nov 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
^_^ So I just finished a shitty show. I say show but it was the first season but then again each season is a completely different story.
Could you please continue with Ben 10 because part 1 is awesome!!!!
Like everybody else I want continuation of of your best story: Sonic New Look, which BTW is one of the bestest crossdress stories I have ever seen. Maybe "Da Best". Definitely top 5
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