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"Bye, sweetie!" Lucy's mother called out as she left for work. The ten year old waved bye as she stood beside her five years her senior's brother, Timothy. The car pulled away, and the older boy looked down at his little sister.

"Alright, runt." he spoke in a sharp tone. "My friends are going to be here in a couple of hours, and I'm tired. So go head upstairs and get out of my hair for a little while." He ordered, striding into the living room and flopping down on the couch. Lucy watched, a pout on her face as she began to make her way upstairs. This was always how it was; he would get put in charge, and then send her to her room for some dumb reason. She always hated it. It wasn't as if he didn't get enough sleep; the big goon could be heard snoring every night. And he had the cheek to tell her to get out of his hair? A herd of elephants wouldn't be able to wake the snoring lummox!

She stopped halfway up the stairs and glanced over her shoulder. Slowly a grin came over her face. Oh, this was too good an opportunity to waste. She hurried the rest of the way up the stairs, heading into her room to gather what she would need.

~~2 Hours Later~~

Timothy was awoken by the ringing of the doorbell. His eyes rose half way as he slowly sat up. "Oh, comin'..." he mumbled and stood up, making his way to the door. If he was fully awake, he might have noticed the swish around his hips, or feel the toy he was cuddling to his chest.

"Hey guys!" he said with a smile as he opened the door. His four friends' eyes all went wide for a second, before they burst into laughter. Timothy looked confused and glanced downward, and instantly screamed.

Pink. Lots and lots of pink. A lacy pink bodice clung to his chest. Puffy pink sleeves were over his shoulders. A frilly pink skirt hung around his hips, poofed out by filly pink petticoats. A hot pink teddybear was even being held in his arms. The only part of his current apparel that wasn't pink were the frilly white gloves, glittery white tights, and shiny black Mary-Jane shoes. Horrified, he rushed inside to look at the mirror hanging in the hall. His short black hair was hidden under an array of thick blonde sausage curls, and his face was made up with face paints; his eyelids blue, lips pink and red circles adorned his cheeks, his eyes ringed with black marker. A huge pink bow sat atop his golden locks, like a cherry on top of a sundae.

"Wow, Tim! Pink is SO your colour!" one of his friends laughed.

"Yeah! Or should it be Tiffany now?" another teased.

Tim blushed brightly, even under the red circles and turned to them. "C-Come on, guys, this isn't fu-" he began, only for his smooth sole to catch on one of Lucy's discarded toys, causing his leg to slide from under him. He fell onto his back, giving his friends an upskirt.

"Oh my god!" one of them yelled between laughter. "He's even wearing panties!"

Timothy felt tears well up in his eyes as he forced the skirt down, before he scrambled to his feet and rushed upstairs, away from the laughs and jeers as his face burned with shame. Lucy watched from her room, grinning devilishly. She shut the door, and as if on cue heard another scream come from her brother's room. That would be him discovering the generous helpings of glue she filled his wig with. She wondered how long before he learned the face paint would take at least a day to wash off, too...?
Next part of my experiment. Probably should have skipped today, as I didn't get much sleep and have been nodding off all day, but the focus of this experiment is to get me writing again, so quantity over quality is unfortunately the catch of the day.

Fun fact: I was originally going to do either "Demon" or "Drag Queen" today, but I noticed people seem to prefer the cutesy-style outfits like ballerina's and stuff. So I decided to give the popular "Doll" a try instead. The costume in this one was inspired primarily by :iconlorddragonmaster:'s Joani's usual apparel.
Mike Williams leaned back in his chair as he let out a satisfied sigh. The young journalist had been tasked with writing an article on the comparisons between American and Chinese culture, hence his current location: a restaurant in a quiet corner of Shanghai. With enough money to live their comfortably for a year, the New Yorker would be able to start his research whenever he saw fit. Though of course, he had already begun with the cuisine. He had only been here a day and he had already been wowed. Of course he had tried the dumplings for breakfast, along with what was called wonton soup, and they were better than he could have imagined! They were worth every yuan!

At least they would have been, had he intended to pay for them.

Indeed, in his twenty-three years on the planet, Mister Williams had gotten quite good at dine and dashing, saving himself quite a bit of cash. And a new country meant new meals, but the same old tactic. And as he pushed the dish that formerly contained a steaming hot serving of duck, and started to creep out of his seat. He chuckled and glanced around to ensure there was no one else in the restaurant. Empty, aside from the Mister Miyagi lookalike behind the counter, who was too focused on preparing his ingredients for the day to notice. Mike grinned and made a break for the door...

...except his body refused to move.

"What the?" he tried to say, but his lips remained perfectly still. His eyes darted around, looking up and down for the cause of his sudden paralysis. As he did, he spotted a mirror hanging on the wall. The black haired journalist's reflection looked back at him... wait, black haired? Mike was blond. Why did his reflection have black hair? And come to think of it, his blue eyes had darkened into a deep brown colour.

As if to answer his question, his darkened hair began to grow in his reflection. His eyes shot wide open as he saw his follicles go into overdrive, his now jet-black hair growing out of the short and shaggy style he had grown accustomed to. Glancing downward, he saw the dark locks growing past his shoulders, confirming what he had seen in the mirror. The hair reached past his shoulders, flowing down his back. If he could speak, he would have screamed. He was so focused on the length that he failed to notice the way his fringe arranged itself neatly to expose his forehead, or how the unkempt ends had straightened themselves out as they neared his hips.

But the changes didn't stop there. As Mike's eyes stared at his new hairdo, he noticed that his jacket had slid off his shoulder. It seemed odd, since it was a perfect fit, but as his gaze travelled down his shirt sleeve and to his hand he saw the reason immediately; a slim, dainty appendage was poking out of his cuff, looking more like a little girl's hand than a grown man's. His arm was smaller... no, the rest of him quickly began to follow suit. He was shrinking! He could only watch in horror as his shoulders slimmed down, followed by the rest of his body as he felt his coat slide to the floor, his belt being the only thing to hold his now too-big pants up and his shirt practically draped over his body. He had lost roughly a foot in height, and his frame had shrunk down into something far more frail than before.

"What the hell is happening!?" he wanted to scream, but a muffled yell was all that escaped his lips.  He had to get out of here, yet his body still refused to move despite his best attempts. Even as he did, felt his clothing starting to shift. Looking down, he saw his baggy shirt starting to tighten and cling to his form, darkening from white to a scarlet red colour as the material shifted from cotton to silk. His tie seemed to slither from his neck down the edge of the placket, stretching itself over as it merged with the material and transformed into gold piping. His sleeves seemed to pull in on themselves, shrinking into the main body of the shirt and leaving behind only a few inches of silk in their place.

It wasn't just the shirt that had changed, as he felt his pants rapidly begin to tighten and dissolve, changing into nylon as they merged with his socks to coat his entire lower body. The hem of the shirt seemed to unfurl, reaching all the way to his ankles before the sides split open as if cut with an invisible knife. The transformed pants changed colour, lightening from khaki until they matched his skin.Underneath, his vest and boxers had both shrunk and shifted to lace, as he felt an uncomfortable wire seem to thread through the bottom of the vest before the heels of his black leather shoes began to rise up, the front opening up as they transformed into a pair of pumps.

Panic was really beginning to set in as he stared at his body, before he felt a strange tingle focus on his chest. Before he could question what would come next, the front of the dress began to push forward, his chest forming a pair of globes to fill the cups of his "vest". Even as he prayed to whatever deity might be listening that it wasn't what he thought it was, a diamond-shaped hole formed in the chest of his "shirt" to expose exactly what he didn't want to see.


Another muffled scream escaped, his voice rapidly raising up several octaves as his Adam's apple shrank away while his hips widened slightly. He felt his facial features shifting and reforming as his mouth finally opened, the tail end of his shriek echoing through the restaurant. Panting, he turned to face the mirror again.

A very cute Chinese girl was staring back at him, clad in a pair of pantyhose, high heels, and... what were those called? Keepows? Chungsem? Some sort of Chinese dress, anyway.

A chuckle caught the transformed youth's attention, and he turned to the restaurant owner who was leaning through the hatch in the wall. Mike growled and stormed over... or at least he tried to, but in his unfamiliar outfit it was less "storm" and more "teeter".

"What have you done to me!?" he screamed in anger, but that wasn't what came out. instead, his adorably high voice made a variety of sounds he vaguely could identify as Mandarin. Instead of answering, the chef reached under the counter and attached something to the front of Mike's dress. Though he didn't recognise the symbols, having never spoken a word of Chinese in his life, he somehow felt the meaning enter his mind; "Wong Mei".

"Better get to work, Mei." The old man said. Or rather, that's what Mike understood him to be saying, as the restaurant door opened and a trio of young men entered. Mike wanted to scream some good old-fashioned American obscenities at them all, but instead he found himself walking over to the three gentlemen, his heels clicking on the wooden floor and his skirt swishing around his nylon-clad legs.

The cook chuckled as he watched his new waitress approach the customers, greeting them with a bow and an awkward "nihao" as the lads eyed her up lustfully. He chuckled and returned to preparing his wares. If the young lad had to learn about Chinese culture, well, he always said there was nothing better than first hand experience!
"But Mooom..."

"No buts, Daniel!" his mother scolded him. "If you didn't want to do it, you shouldn't have made that ridiculous bet in the first place!"

Seeing he wasn't going to get anywhere, the defeated twelve year old returned to his room to mope for a little bit, eyeing the outfit that was laid on his bed. Defeated, he whimpered as he slowly took his clothes off before picking up the first item.

A simple pair of cotton panties. An embarrassed squeak escaped his throat as he slipped his feet through the holes before slowly pulling them up. They were so much tighter than his usual briefs, and soft too... he sighed and picked up the next item, a matching pink undershirt that he pulled on like an ordinary t-shirt. He turned back to the bed and picked up the next item, as he was starting to get into the territory he dreaded: tights.

He stared at the thin pink leggings he held before his eyes, trying to work out how best to get them on. Shrugging his shoulders, he sat on the bed and began to work his feet into them, pulling them up his legs like trousers or pants. The opaque material clung to his legs like a second skin, making him cringe with humiliation as he managed to get his toes into the ends of the legs and the top of the tights around his waist.

He stood up and walked over to the prepared clothing once more, trembling a little as he felt the carpet through the girlish legwear as his thighs rubbed together. He picked up the penultimate article of clothing, deciding that by this point he might as well get it over with. He lowered the leotard down and stepped into it, slipping his legs through the holes like he did with the panties before pulling it up. The frilly tutu extended out from his waist, crinkling with every movement as the humiliated bow slipped his arms through the sleeves. Sighing, he grabbed the shoes and hurried downstairs, his stockinged soles padding on the carpet.


"Hm?" his mother turned, and gasped at the sight of him before grinning. "Well, doesn't our little princess look adorable?" she asked, making the boy blush deeper. He turned to glare at the reason he was in this situation; his little sister, garbed in a similar outfit to his own. The seven year old was giggling at her brother's plight, as he wordlessly sat on the couch. Rolling her eyes, his mother took the satin slippers from him and slid them onto his feet, before coiling the attached ribbons up his legs.

"There we go..." the mother chuckled, looking at her two children in matching outfits. "All dressed and ready for ballet class." She laughed to herself as she picked up her car keys and walked out to get their transport ready. Daniel just folded his arms and pouted childishly as his sister approached.

"Hey, Daniel?"

"What?" he asked sharply, only for his sister to pounce on him. He barely had time to cry out before she pulled off, a satin bow in the same colour as his tutu now tied into his hair.

"Perfect!" she teased as their mother tooted from outside, summoning them. His sister hurried out while the boy ballerina followed, still blushing and pouting. This was going to be a long week...
Part two of this my little writing experiment.

As I expected, I didn't feel as up to it, but I forced myself to sit down and write. As such it's not as long or as involved as Angel was. But I wrote it, and I consider that an accomplishment.
Damien chuckled as he hurried through the streets, clutching the sack of candy that he clinged to tightly. It was Halloween, and he was having a blast with his yearly tradition; jumping little kids and stealing their treats. Sure, people might call it bullying, a grown sixteen year old like him stealing from trick or treaters, most of whom were barely ten, but as far as he was concerned candy was candy. Once he was sure he was alone, he yanked the plastic devil mask off his face and opened his satchel to  admire his sugary treasure. He grinned and plunged his hand into the bag...

...and it was the last thing he saw before a blinding white light, causing the young man to fall backwards onto his rear.

Blinking to try and get rid of spots hovering in front of his face, Damien let out a heavy groan as he rubbed his head. What the hell was that? Did a street light explode or something? As he tried to puzzle out the source of the light, he felt something tickling his hand. Hair. And it was then he noticed the golden locks in his peripheral vision, draped over his shoulders. Eyes wide, he gripped the tresses in horror. His hair was NOT this long, nor was he a blonde. Yet there it was, in his soft, manicured fingers...

He could feel the colour drain from his face as he quickly lept to his feet... and promptly found himself on the ground again as his balance was off. Fearful of what he might see, he reluctantly turned his gaze downwards and nearly screamed at what he saw.

Starting at his feet, the source of his lack of balance was a pair of golden sandals with a thin stiletto heel. The straps clung to his feet, the skin of which was noticably pale, his tan gone. A set of toes on each foot poked out, the nails looking as if they had recently been pedicured. Following from there, his legs were just as soft and sensitive, his skin pale and devoid of hair. He would have compared them to his girlfriend's, who was always complaining about having to wax her legs, but this was different; it was almost as if his legs had NEVER had any hair grow from them. The muscle-tone he had been working on at the gym was gone, leaving his legs thin and... slender, was the word he would use to describe.

Following up his girlish legs, he reached his hips, hidden under a white skirt. The word "skirt" might have been innacurate, as he was actually wearing a short, sleeveless dress. Replacing his devil costume, it was simple and sleeveless, reaching down to a few inches above his knees, and with a simple golde ribbon around the waist serving as a belt. Judging from the curve of the fabric caused by the belt, his waist seemed to be thinner but his waist flared out, giving him a more slender-yet-curvy shape than before. Just like his legs, his musculature had shrunk down, becoming slimmer and more girlish than before. Trembling, he slowly reached under the skirt to confirm two things; one, he wasn't wearing panties. Indeed, he wasn't wearing any underwear at all. And two, his penis was still there. Breathing a slight sigh of relief, he turned his attention back to his body and looked at his hands. Just as he had noticed earlier, his hands were as soft and dainty as the rest of him, his nails well maintained and coated in a clear nail polish. His arms, predictably, were devoid of any of his precious bulk, now skinny and weak-looking. The only thing he wore on his arms were simpel golden wristbands. He swallowed and looked directly down, at the thing that had caused him to scream. He had tried his best to ignore it, convince himself it wasn't real, but there it was. Or rather, there they were.

Breasts. Boobs. Tits. Mammaries.

He fought back another scream as he slowly reached up to cup them. They felt real... they LOOKED real... but they couldn't be real. He was a guy. He couldn't have boobs. Yet there they were, a pair of perky C-cups pushing the front of his dress forward. He reached up and gripped at the hair and pulled, wishing against wish that this was some sort of dumb prank, and was rewarded by a painful tug at his scalp. Starting to panic again, he reached up to grip at the top of the "wig" only to feel his wrist rattle against something. Momentarily distracted, he reached up and felt some sort of plastic hoop suspended above his head; further groping discovered the thin plastic pole holding it up. He felt down as far as he could contort his arms, before he glanced over his shoulder. A pair of feathered wings, made of plastic and pillow down, poked out of each of his shoulder blades over the dress.

There was no denying it. Damien Clark was standing in the middle of street on Halloween night, dressed as some sort of crossdressing angel.

He started to hyperventilate as panic set in, looking his changed body over. He grabbed his candy filled satchel and slung it over his winged shoulder and hurried as fast as his high heeled legs would let him. He felt the skirt swish around his bare legs, heard the heels click on the pavement and felt the wings flutter with every movement. His cheeks burned with humiliation, at least thankful that no one was around, until he heard crying. His eyes went wide as he realised that he was running towards the same area he had just come from, where he had gotten his sinfully acquired sweets. But... he had wanted to run in the opposite direction. He was SURE of this! So why was he running back there? And why couldn't he stop himself.

Either way, he soon found himself standing before the children he had stolen from, who looked up at the intruder with wet eyes. He found himself smiling nervously as he desperately willed his legs to move. And move they did, but towards the kids rather than away from them. He squatted down by the group, and suddenly turned his satchel upside down, pouring the multicoloured trove out before them. The little ones' eyes all lit up, their emotions doing a perfect one-eighty as they saw their treats returned to them after being so cruelly stolen by Damien's trick. Inside, Damien wanted to scream and yell. Those were HIS treats! He didn't want to give them back! They were all for him! But despite his best attempts, all he found himself doing was a gentle smile, and whispering two simple words to the children.

"Happy Halloween."
A simple story that speaks for itself.

I just banged this one out as part of a writing experiment. Since I decided to start this writing experiment less than an hour ago, I haven't given it any serious thought and I can't say whether I'll stick to it. With any luck, more will follow, but I'll just see how it goes for now.

Either way, I hope you enjoy.
Erdric panted heavily as he sprinted through the streets of the town, hurrying to the castle as fast as he could. He shoved past a few bystanders, offering a quick "Excuse me!" or "Sorry!" as he did so, one hand still cling to the half empty carton of milk he snatched in his hurry to make his appointment.

Not slowing down, the young teen raised the carton to his lips and tipped it back... and almost immediately regretted it, as the foul smelling liquid poured down his throat. Struggling not to vomit, he tossed away the container as his face retched in disgust, distracting him from his path. And as such, he didn't notice who was in his path until he literally ran headfirst into them.

"OW!" Erdric yelled, rubbing his forehead as he opened his eyes. "Hey, why don't you watch where..." he began, but trailed off as his eyes met those of the person he ran into. Blood red eyes, with slit pupils...

A low growl exited the creature's throat before it leapt into the nearest alley. Erdric leapt to his feet and followed, but as he stood between the buildings, he didn't see anything aside from the usual rubbish bins and a stray cat. Even from the mouth of the alley, Erdric could see that the alley only lead to a dead end, and there was nowhere to flee to, especially not in the time it took him to follow. And yet, the young adventurer-to-be could swear that he saw someone rush down here... and those eyes... no. No, he had to have imagined it. The Verndetau Castle town was one of the most secure and safe areas in the entire kingdom. Protected by massive walls on all sides, with the front gate protected from outsiders by guards hand-picked by the King himself. There was no way... NO WAY that a monster had managed to sneak in.

"Huh..." Erdric muttered to himself, shaking the idea out of his head before he glanced up at the town's clock tower, the four faces each indicating that it was now twenty minutes past nine. Shit! He only had ten minutes! Turning on his heel, Erdric resumed his sprint through the streets towards the majestic castle overlooking the town... failing to notice the blood red eyes watching him from the rooftops...

* * * * * * * * * *

Erdric panted heavily as he staggered through the castle halls, almost completely exhausted. He leaned against the nearest wall for support as he inhaled and exhaled, trying desperately to catch his breath. His heavy breathing caught the attention of an older man standing at the entrance to the throne room, flanked on either side by armoured guards, who peered at the teen from over his spectacles. He checked the time, then the parchment he held in his fingers, before looking at the boy once more.

"Erdric Alfero, I presume?" the Chancellor asked, not even trying to hide the contempt in his voice to the bedraggled young man before him. Erdric could only nod and give a thumbs up as he tried to regain his composure.

"Yeah... tha... that's me..." he finally spoke once he had the breath, dusting himself off and trying to pat his hair down. After all the effort he went to looking presentable, he now looked like he'd been dragged through a hedge backwards... the Chancellor merely rolled his eyes.

"Well, you're on-time, at least. Barely." He sighed and adjusted his glasses, before stepping to the side. "His Majesty will see you now..."

Erdric nodded, straightening himself and giving himself one final pat-down before he stepped through the large doors into the castle throne room. His eyes were wide as he looked around; high golden columns lined the walls as massive decorative windows allowed light to enter the room, a currently unlit chandelier hung from the mile-high ceiling. Soft red carpets covered the floor, matching the drapes that were neatly tied back between each column and window. The carpets led up a small set of steps, to a magnificent golden throne where the King himself, Arthur Verndetau, was seated. To his right, on a slightly smaller throne, sat his daughter. On each side of the thrones stood several warriors, no less than ten in total, everything about them from their body language to their armour to their weapons completely unlike what Erdric had seen from most of the other knights in the castle he'd seen; they were without a doubt the King's royal guard. Erdric couldn't help but feel a bit uneasy as he stepped forward.

"Welcome, young man." The King spoke with a friendly smile. "I understand that you wish to become an officially sanctioned adventurer."

"Um... y-yes, that's right, Your Majesty..." Erdric replied, before he suddenly remembered what his mother had told him and got down on one knee before them. The King was, of course, a regal-looking man in his mid-forties, his chin-length hair a noble burnt orange, matching his short beard and moustache. Despite his position, there was something in the way he looked at Erdric, something welcoming. Even though one of them was seated on a throne and the other kneeling before him, it was clear the King didn't look at himself as superior. Erdric couldn't help but think that from his face, it almost seemed like the King felt he was the one being given a favour.

"Tell me, my boy. What is your name?"

"Erdric Alfero, sire..." he managed with a nervous gulp. Even as he spoke with the king, his eyes were drawn more to the young girl at his side. Princess Jennifer. She was no older than he was, and yet she seemed to be everything he wasn't. Beautiful, regal, elegant. Her long hair, a similar warm shade to her father's, extended past her shoulders, her bright blue eyes shone with a cute twinkle, her soft skin seemed to glow in the sunlight...

"Very well, young Alfredo." The King's voice snapped Erdric out of his daze as he looked up. "From this day forth, I give you my official endorsement as an adventurer." He nodded to a servant who was standing off to the side, signalling for her to approach Erdric. She held a small golden box in her hands, lifting the lid to expose a small red medallion, emblazoned with the symbol of the Verndetau royal family. "This is our seal; carry this with you, and use it as proof of my endorsement."

"Wow..." was all Erdric could manage as he carefully picked up the scarlet ornament, turning it over in his hands.

"Keep it safe, young Alfredo, and it may grant you not only the boons that come with serving our name..." the King couldn't help but chuckle at what he was about to say. "But perhaps also good luck." The princess just frowned and rolled her eyes, clearly not impressed by her father's comment.

"I-I promise, I will look after it, sire..." Erdric said with a nod. He couldn't believe it... he was going to be an adventurer for the Kingdom of Verndetau. It was really happening.

"There's a good boy." The King smiled and nodded, speaking in a tone that would sound more appropriate from a father to his son than a king to a civilian. "Then I will not keep you any longer. May you go out and start your adventure, my dear boy!"

"I-I will, Your Majesty! Thank you so much!" Erdric practically danced with excitement a she turned from the King and headed for the door... only to trip over his own feet and find himself kissing the carpet. The princess brought a hand up to her mouth to stifle her laughter, as the King nervously cleared his throat. Erdric promptly pulled himself to his feet and tried to hurry out as if nothing had happened, hurrying past the Chancellor and trying to ignore the glares his elation was getting him.

He hurried out the castle gates, his eyes still on the red coin in his hands. It was a coin that he had seen his father carrying with him all the time, and Erdric had always wished for one of his own. With this, he could finally start on his adventure! He felt... he didn't know how to describe it. He felt happy. He felt excited. He felt like he could take on the world. He felt... he needed to use the bathroom really, REALLY badly. He felt a hideous gurgle in his gut and one of his hands flew to his stomach. The rotten milk from earlier was finally starting to have an effect. He glanced around the streets, panic starting to set in his mind before his eyes finally rested on a public latrine. His feet flew faster even than they did on his way to the castle as he rushed over and slammed the door shut behind him... failing to notice a certain red coin falling from his hand and bouncing down the street. Unseen by anyone, a clawed hand reached out from the shadow of an alley and grabbed the coin.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Alright, son, are you sure you have everything?" Erdric's mother asked as she stood at the town gates with him.

"Yes, Mum, I'm sure..." he said with a light-hearted sigh, a travel bag slung over one shoulder.

"You've got food to last until you reach the next town?"


"Fresh clothes?"




"Potions? Elixirs?"

"Yes, yes."


Erdric smirked, flexing his free arm. "Mum, come on. Who needs weapons when I've got guns like this?"

His mother placed a hand to her forehead. "Oh, Lord..." she grumbled. But what did she expect? His father was known for ignoring weapons, and was considered one of the best fist fighters in the kingdom. She should've known he'd want to follow in those footsteps.

"Trust me, Mum. I'll be fine."

"Alright, alright..." she sighed and smiled. "I'll miss you, son."

"I'll miss you too." Erdric smiled and stepped forward, giving his mother a hug.

"Be sure to write, okay?"


"Promise me..."

"I promise..."

"Good." She smiled and kissed him on his cheek. "I love you. Take care."

"I love you too, Mum..." Erdric blushed, smiling bashfully. He was starting to feel like it was his first day of school again.

"Okay... good luck! Bye, son..." she smiled sadly and waved as Erdric stepped out of the castle gates, waving back to her as followed the trail.

He smiled and inhaled deeply, the fresh air filling his lungs. He didn't know how, but it seemed like the air was cooler, and that the sun was brighter, and the grass was greener. Then again, maybe it was just excitement of the fact that he was finally an official adv-


For the third time that day, Erdric found himself hitting the floor. He groaned as he looked up, trying to see what hit him, only to feel his fringe blowing as a blade of air flew past, narrowly missing his face. Jumping to his feet, he turned and found himself facing his attackers; a trio of human-sized bunnies, clad in deep grey robes with eyes shining from under their hoods.

"Were Rabbits... uh oh..." Erdric gulped. He remembered hearing about these from his dad, as well as reading about them in books he had bought when he decided to become an adventurer. Despite the name and some rumours spread around, Were Rabbits were never human. Rather were rabbits that were once familiars to mages and spellcasters who exposed them to too much magic, usually through some kind of experiment. The result was almost always the same; the rabbit in question became larger, marginally more intelligent, and gained the power to wield magic itself, almost always wind-based. Erdric ducked just in time to avoid another blade hurled at his head, even as one of the Were Rabbits began to hop forward, it's paws glowing green in preparation for the next attack.

"Damn it...!" the young adventurer yelled, as he rushed the approaching lagomorph, only to be blown back by a miniature typhoon, his travel bag launched across the field. Were Rabbits weren't exactly high level beasts, but it wasn't what he was expecting to face in his first encounter. Their mastery of wind spells made them a tricky opponent for an adventurer just starting out, infamous for slaying many beginner parties who either underestimated them for their appearance or didn't know about their magical prowess; he was expecting something like a Slime or maybe some goblins, but not a group of spell-slinging demon bunnies!

He grit his teeth and stepped forward, finding the Were Rabbit's wind, trying to get close. He saw movement out of the corner of his eye and ducked again, another blade narrowly missing his head, though it did manage to nick his hair, the severed strands getting scattered by the wind magic he was fighting. The three creatures began to chitter, almost as if laughing at how helpless he was against them... before his fist promptly connected with the nearest Were Rabbit's chin and send it flying into the air, landing a short distance away. Their magic was strong, but they couldn't take too many hits, especially from a powerhouse like Erdric.

The two conscious Were Rabbits stopped their mocking and looked at their companion, lying on the ground. They turned back to Erdric, suddenly looking pissed.

"Yeah... yeah, that's right!" Erdric smirked, bouncing from foot to foot with his fists raised. "Now I got y-WHOA!" he jerked to the side as another blade of wind flew past, this one aimed at his face. Before he had a chance to relax, another one shot past, nicking his shoulder. Erdric found himself forced into some sort of impromptu dance routine, avoiding the flying blades, each one getting closer and closer to hitting their mark. Growling, the teen suddenly stepped forward, just as one of the Were Rabbit aimed a wind blade at his throat. Without thinking, Erdric threw his arm up to block it, and pain seared through his body as the blade struck, cutting almost to the bone before dissipating. The Were Rabbit's ears sprang up in shock, before Erdric lunged forward and nailed it right in the face with a straight punch, KOing it instantly.

"Yes!" he celebrated with a fist pump. Two down, one to go! He spun round to face the last lop-eared pest... and felt a chill run down his spine when he saw the glare he was getting, a green aura forming around the bunny as the air surrounding the two of them seemed to go haywire, curling and twisting in unnatural ways. Erdric was paralysed with fear, unable to even try to through a punch, as the Were Rabbit leaned back, raised its paws...

...and promptly burst into flames.

"...huh?" Erdric caught himself saying aloud as the Were Rabbit collapsed at his feet. Looking up from it, his eyes went wide as his eyes met another pair... a blood red pair with slit pupils.

His flight or fight response kicked back in and he leapt back, taking on a boxing stance. "What the hell...!?" he snapped, taking in the rest of the creature, only to see how right he was. Standing before him was what appeared to be a tall, slim man, maybe a little older than he was, with deep purple skin. His hair was an unnatural white colour, coming down to a widow's peak on his forehead while the rest seemed to spike naturally upwards. He was garbed only in a pair of dark trousers that almost seemed to be a part of his body, sliding down and merging seamlessly with his taloned reptilian feet. A slim tail extending from his back, ending in a pointed shape that resembled either a heart or an upside-down spade. His fingers ended in claws, a pair of black horns extended from his forehead, and protruding from his shoulder-blades was a pair of black leathery bat-wings. Erdric couldn't believe what stood before him.

"D... Demon..." he gasped. The purple man smirked, revealing a pair of enlarged incisors as he took a few steps towards the human. Erdric instantly sank into his fighting pose as the demon extended a hand... and held out a familiar red coin.

"You dropped this."

It took Erdric a few seconds before what the demon said sank in. He looked at the coin, then back to the demon's face. His hands instantly rummaged through his pockets and he realised he didn't have the medallion the King gave him. "I... what...?"

"You. Dropped. This." The inhuman being stated, emphasising each word.

"I... um... thanks?" Erdric said uncertainly as he took the crimson item from him.

"Good." The demon nodded and turned away. "Don't drop it again. That thing's a pretty big help on your adventure..." he looked down at the smouldering bunny on the ground. "And if you're having trouble with Were Rabbits, then you must need all the help you can get."

"I... huh?" Erdric blinked, then frowned. "Hey, they just caught me off-guard is all! Who the hell are you anyway?"

"I'm sure they did..." the demon chuckled. "As for who I am... my name is Alastor."

"Alastor..." Edrick echoed. Yep. Definitely a name with a demonic ring to it. "Well then, Alastor, what are you doing all the way out here? Shouldn't you be in... I dunno. Hell or something?"

"We incubi go where we like..." Alastor stated cryptically. Incubi? Must be some special word for a demon, Erdric reckoned. "As for why I'm here... killing time, mostly."

"...right." Erdric frowned. "Well... thanks for the save, I guess. And returning my coin."

Alastor chuckled and simply waved his hand dismissively.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I have an adventure to... to... advench." Erdric scowled and picked up his travel bag, rooting around until he found his map. "Let's see..."

"Need a hand?" Alastor's voice asked from behind. Uncomfortably behind.

Erdric jumped away, scrunching the map in surprise. "D-Don't DO that!"

Alastor chuckled. "Apologies. But my offer still stands." He grinned, showing his fangs. "You seem like you need a little extra manpower. And I have nothing better to do."

"Screw you!" Erdric yelled, his face going red. Who did this winged devil-boy think he was, just inviting himself along!?

"Fine, fine. Then I'll be on my way..." He turned and spread his wings.

"...wait." Erdric spoke, catching his attention. Alastor turned around, a smirk still on his face as Erdric rubbed his temple. "I... I guess a little company wouldn't be a bad thing."

"Heh heh... very well." Alastor chuckled and walked over. "So, where exactly are you going next?"

"I'm... not sure, to be honest." The young adventurer sighed, looking at the map.

"Hm..." Alastor leaned over his shoulder, looking at it. "Well... we're HERE." He tapped the map with one of his claws at the area where Verndetau Castle was.

"...yes. I know that."

"So I would say the best course of action would be either... here, here or here." He tapped the map with every 'here'.

"Hm... alright. So where should we go then?"

"I'll leave that up to you, brave adventurer."

Erdric gave Alastor a glare, which the demon just chuckled at. Guess it was up to him, then... at least he had an idea on where to go now.

Which direction do Erdric and Alastor decide to go?
A --- West (towards the coast)
B --- North (towards the forest)
C --- East (toward the Amazon's village)
An Adventurer's Quest: The Adventure Begins
And here's the first REAL chapter of AAQ. I know not a lot of people are interested in it compared to the New Looks, but I've been feeling really down lately for not being able to make any new NL stories and typing this up managed to make me feel a bit better. I'm very sorry if anyone's awaiting a new New Look story and feel disappointed with this.

As the votes of the Prologue pointed to, Alastor has become Erdric's first official party member! And as mentioned at the end of this chapter, this vote will be for where our two adventurer's head next! unlike the Prologue, I think the choice at the end speaks for itself.

Now, in regards to the actual writing, I'm quite proud of this one. I feel I finally managed to get a chapter with some decent substance here, something I've been having some trouble with in some of my recent stories, Sonic's New Look 2 and Laharl's New Look especially. Maybe this means I might start being able to work on something over several days soon! Additionally, originally I was going to have Alastor meet Erdric in the castle toilets, but I wanted to try my hand at an action sequence, so I wrote in the Were Rabbit fight. I believe this is my first true action sequence since Viewtiful Joe's New Look, unless you count the beginning of Aladdin's New Look. And as a side note... Erdric's really hard to spell without adding an extra k on the end. I might just switch to Erdrick, make it easier on myself.

Anyway, sorry for the lack of New Look stories, but please cast your votes on where you want this one to go and tell me what you think!
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I probably shouldn't even be typing this.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry to everyone who enjoys my work and watches me, and hopes for more. I'm sorry to you all. I've let every single one of you down. I've done nothing but let you down time and time again. I got every one's hopes up and I refused to deliver. I have all these ideas in my head, and yet I just can't bring myself to put any of them down on paper. Because I'm lazy, weak and worthless.

And instead I post things like Three Wishes and that stupid fantasy story on a whim, promising myself that it's okay as long as I got a decent story together soon. But I never did. I'm a selfish, stupid asshole. I even started writing a story that I know you guys would enjoy not long after my last one, and I threw half of it together with the promise to myself that I'd finish it, then maybe run through some more drafts to make sure it was perfect. That was over three months ago, and I haven't even looked at it since.

Everyone who watches my account clearly enjoys my work, but I've done nothing but make you all wait for payoffs that never happen. Or DO happen, but are mediocre or hastily shoved together at best.

So I'm sorry. I don't know what else to say. I'm sorry to everyone I've let down, to anyone who actually had faith in me, to the people who encouraged me because they thought I had potential. I don't deserve any of it, and I've made all of you liars in the process.

I'm sorry.


United Kingdom

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