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I can't keep up with this stupid experiment.

I thought that forcing myself to write a quick, stupid short story each day would get me back into writing and help my confidence. But it's just getting hard and harder each day, and I feel like they're getting shorter and crappier each time I put one up.

Not to mention that, at least partially, I decided to do this because I read that you have to do something for over 21 days before it becomes a habit. And now I've read that that's inaccurate; you need to do something for over 55 days straight for that to work.

I don't know if I've just had a particularly bad day, or if this genuinely isn't working for me or what. But I can't do it today. I just can't.

I can't guarantee that I'll be willing to write again tomorrow. So I can't say whether this is just an announcement of a day off, or an announcement I'm officially giving up.

I'm sorry.
Jesse sighed in bliss as he relaxed in the warm waters of the hot spring. It was the first day of the Japanese-style onsen's opening, and he had to admit it was pretty nice. He grinned as he glanced over at the women in tight, revealing swimsuits; to try and attract more customers, the onsen owners had decided to try a mixed bathing style. A light swat on his shoulder caught his attention and he turned back to his girlfriend.

"Hey, I wasn't looking, Stephanie..." he said with a nervous smile. The young woman just sighed and cuddled with him.

"See, I told you you'd like this..." she said with a giggle, and Jesse had to admit she had a point. He wasn't normally a fan of spa-type places, but this was really relaxing. Plus he had spotted something she hadn't on the way in. To celebrate their opening, the onsen was offering free geisha-style makeovers to anyone who came that day. Of course, Stephanie probably wouldn't go for it herself... which was why he had volunteered in her place. He chuckled as he remembering giving the woman at the counter Stephanie's details, before they headed into the changing rooms to switch to their bathing suits.

He smiled at his plan as he leaned back against the edge of the spring, closing his eyes as he relaxed in steaming water...

"Jesse?" Stephanie asked, but got no response. She felt his chest rising and falling under her head, causing her to look up in surprise. He was asleep! She knew they were relaxing but she didn't expect that. She sighed in defeat; she had long since realised what a heavy sleeper Jesse was. Guess she had no choice but to wait for him to wake up...

"Pardon me...?" A Japanese-accented voice spoke, catching Stephanie's attention. She glanced up at the middle-aged Asian woman in surprise. She bowed politely before nodding down at the clip-board in her hands. "You are Stephanie Kennedy, yes? You signed for makeover?"

"Makeover?" Stephanie asked, blinking in surprise. She glanced at her snoozing boyfriend, before a look of understanding came over her. So THAT'S what he was doing over at the counter when they first came in...! Signing her up for something without her permission. If she could wake him up, she would have given him a piece of her mind...

Sighing, she turned to the Japanese attendant. "No, sorry, my boyfr..." she stopped, thinking for a moment before an evil grin grew over her face. "No, I'm not Stephanie... HE is." She grinned, pointing to her boyfriend.

"Oh, yes, I remember!" the woman smiled. She clearly didn't understand enough about Western culture to identify male and female names, but she recognised the young man. She called over two of the workers, who easily lifted the napping boy out of the water and carried him off. Stephanie giggled as she watched them leave, waving bye to her sleeping beau.

* * *

Jesse groaned as he slowly opened his eyes. Damn it, he must've fallen asleep... stupid relaxing spa thing. A giggle came from his left and he turned, seeing his dried and dressed girlfriend standing there. "Hey there, Jesse! Or as the Japanese say, Jesse-chan!"

"Huh? Steph, what...?" he began, before he realised that he wasn't wet... yet the last thing he remembered was relaxing in the hot spring. Curious, he glanced down at himself, and gasped at what he saw.

Instead of his trunks, or even regular clothing, he was clad in a pink kimono with cherry blossom petals embroidered into the hems, elaborate patterns styled into the fabric. Around his waist was a thick red ribbon (obi) that was tied in a large bow at his back. On his feet were thick white socks (tabi) on his feet, along with large black sandals (zori). Before he could speak, Stephanie produced a small compact mirror to confirm his expectations; his short blonde hair was hidden under a heavy black wig with flowery decorations, while his tan skin was hidden under thick white makeup. His eyebrows had been plucked and redrawn on, while the black eyeliner ringing his eyes was tinted red at the far corners. His lips were a deep crimson red.

"What... what the...!?" he asked in shocked, as Stephanie leaned in.

"Thought I didn't see you sign me up for the geisha makeover, Jesse-chan?" she asked teasingly, as Jesse felt his heart sink.

"Steph... I-I..." he began, before he felt a light peck on the cheek through the makeup.

"Consider this payback for checking out those girls earlier."

"Oh..." he breathed a sigh of relief. "Do, I... uh... do I have to head home like this?" he asked, blushing (though not that she could see).

"Of course!" she grinned, holding up a rucksack. "I've got your clothes right here. Now come along, Jesse-chan!" she giggled and took his hand, yanking him up off his feet.

"Wha... ah! S-Steph, wait!" he cried out as Stephanie hurried down the street, her new geisha-fied boyfriend toddling along behind her as fast as his kimono and zori would let him.
Next one. Next SUCKY one.

I feel I had a pretty cute idea, but I've had a pretty eventful day. I tried to get it done, both to prevent taking a break and to use the idea, but I just wasn't up to it and kind of gave up half way through. And I think it really shows.

But hey, I got it done. And that makes exactly one full week of writing, a story a day! That's got to count for something! And I'm still not done yet...
A clash of steel on bone resonated through the dungeon as the Warrior's blade cleaved through yet another skeleton, the bodies of monsters surrounding him as he struck down the few remaining dregs. He chuckled as he wiped his brow with a muscular arm, his well-tanned body riddled with scars. Ha, and they said he'd need a full party to get through this place... he was doing just fine! Heaving the enormous greatsword onto his shoulder, he passed through the doorway into the next room, seeing what these monsters were guarding. His eyes lit up when he saw the chest, sat upon a small stone pedestal. He grinned from ear to ear; jackpot! He rushed over and with a single mighty grunt, flung the heavy wooden lid open, shattering the lock with his bare hands, to reveal...

...a rose.

His grin instantly faded as he saw, not a king's ransom, but a single rose. A jewel rose with a silver stem, sure, but still just a rose. He scowled as he picked it up to examine it; the ruby bud was finely cut, unlike anything he'd ever seen. But he just couldn't get over the fact is was just one rose.

"Come on..." he grumbled. "I fought a small army for THIS? You gotta be kidding me..." he said with a scowl, before he tossed it over his shoulder and made for the door. He got roughly halfway before the rose hit the ground, and there was a loud BANG as it shattered, releasing a pink smoke.

"What the...!?" the Warrior yelled as he spun around, gasping as he found himself enveloped by the cloud. And as a result, inhaled a good portion of it. He coughed and spluttered as he choked on the sweet smelling gas, as the rest dissipated.

"Urgh! What... what the hell was that?" he demanded with a sigh. No fortune and he nearly choked to death. Stupid dungeon. He sighed and left the room, failing to notice that his beard had vanished.

"What a waste of time..." he grumbled to himself as he adjusted his sword on his shoulder. "All this time and preparation, only to get a useless trinket that... hoo..." he grunted and shifted his grip on his hilt. "Those monsters must have given me more of a work-out than I thought. My sword feels like it weighs a ton..." As he held the hilt with both hands, he let out a yelp of fright as it suddenly slipped out of his grip and clattered on the floor.

"Sonuva...!" he yelled, his deep voice cracking in surprise. He bent over to pick up his weapon, wincing and straining as he tried to haul it up as far as it would go, when something occurred to him. He was standing the blade up on it's tip... yet the top of his head barely reaching the crossguard. Normally the end of the hilt could easily reach his shoulders.

"What... did... did my sword grow?" he asked himself, his voice still squeaking slightly. He scowled and coughed a bit, clearing his throat to get it right. "Urgh... there we... AH!" he squealed (that's right, squealed) when he realised his voice had gotten even higher. "My voice... m-my sword..." his eyes quickly glanced down at himself, and he suddenly shrieked. "My MUSCLES!"

And indeed, his muscles had changed. Or rather, vanished. The mighty, chiselled physique, formed from years of fighting mighty beast and fierce dragons seemed to have withered away. His powerful tree-like arms seemed to have been replaced by twigs that would snap from the lightest pressure, and his barrel chest was more like a plank now.

"What... the what the hell's going on!?" he cried out in his childish voice. "What could've... wait... the rose!" he gasped, remembering the pink cloud. That damn rose must've been a trap! And now he looked like some sort of little kid! But it wasn't done yet, as his battle scars and callouses began to fade in front of his eyes.

"Wha... n-no!" he yelled as his precious trophies disappeared, just as his tan began to slowly lighten. His skin became soft and delicate to the touch as it became pale enough you would never guess how many adventures he had been on. Even despite all this, his body continued to shrink down, becoming smaller and smaller...

"Someone help me!" he squeaked, turning to run and leaving his sword behind. Less than half his original height now, his trousers flopped down to his ankles and tripped him up, his face hitting the stone floor as his clothing fell clean off his body. He let out a shriek of pain as he leapt to his feet, clutching his face as he tried desperately to hold back tears; tears of both pain from hitting the floor so hard, and of humiliation at such a simple injury could almost make him cry.

"Th-This can't be happening..." he whimpered, not noticing his wild hair starting to grow and lengthen, almost seeming to trim and cut itself in the right places to form a feminine style. He grabbed a handful of his new locks, watching it fade from almost-black to a pale pink.

"No... no... please, stop this!" he cried out. No one was around to hear his pleas as they became higher and higher, as his body became smaller and smaller. A small amount of fat began to form on each of his flat pectorals, forming into a pair of small breasts that suited his fragile frame, while his hips and butt rounded out. Was he... was he turning into a girl!? His tiny hand shot down to his crotch, and he found... well, IT was still there. But it had shrunk at an even greater rate than the rest of him, being even smaller than his little finger.

He opened his mouth to scream, just as something seemed to pop out of his back. His eyes wide, he looked over a slim shoulder to see a pair of large, gossamer wings extending from his shoulder blade, each wing even bigger than his entire body. Which wasn't even that large, as the shrinking finally stopped, leaving him at a teeny six inches tall.

The former warrior could only stare at his new body in shock, his dainty fingers clenching into fists in a vain attempt to look manly. He was... he was a fairy. He had been transformed into a tiny, girly pixie!

"Well, hello there..." a voice spoke. The transformed human spun around, finding himself face-to-chest with a green-skinned goblin, a head taller than him with a smug smirk on his face. "Don't find many cuties like you down here..."

"St-stay away from me..." the Warrior commanded, but it lost something when his voice sounded like a six-year-old on helium. Before he even had time to turn and run, the goblin grabbed him, one arm around the fae's waist and hoisted him up.

"Aw, don't be like that! I promise I won't hurt ya..." he crooned. He smirked and suddenly pressed his lips to his prize's, the Warrior screaming through it and kicking his skinny legs. The goblin grinned and pulled back, giving the Warrior a playful swat on his soft ass, eliciting another squeal.

"Come on, babe, let me show you to my pals!" he laughed, carrying the human-turned-fairy off into one of the small cracks between the stonework.
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